Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome to Your Late 20's!

On May 27th, my wonderful wife turned twenty-seven years old and is now officially in her “late twenties.” In light of this - in no particular order whatsoever - here are 27 reasons I love my wife:

1. She understands what I mean when I say the number “two” and nothing else.
2. She is loyal. (If you don’t know this, you don’t know my wife.)
3. She laughs at my not-so-funny jokes…or maybe she’s laughing at me… (If you don’t know this, you don’t know me!)
4. She is dependable.
5. She is forgiving.
6. She loves Jesus more than me.
7. She is independent.
8. She’s a snazzy dresser, but likes her jeans and hoody just as well.
9. She likes to play tennis.
10. She thinks and has opinions of her own.
11. She loves ice cream.
12. She likes coffee.
13. She loves to read (and drink coffee) for hours on end.
14. I love to be with her. To sit, laugh, and enjoy one another…and amazingly, I think she really likes to be with me too.
15. She is nurturing in that she loves to take care of me.
16. She knows that I like Scooby snacks.
17. She is not afraid to admit she doesn’t know everything (unlike her husband who thinks he knows it all)
18. She is willing to confess that she is wrong and ask for forgiveness.
19. She is teachable and loves to learn.
20. She is schedule oriented and has the ability to prioritize (also unlike her husband)
21. She doesn’t jump on the band wagon of the latest fad.
22. She believes that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus can come to our house without having a royal rumble with Jesus. And if they did, Jesus would kick tail.
23. She likes to sing senseless songs for no one else’s entertainment than our own.
24. She can define “Kumbaya” in a hundred different ways given the context.
25. She makes the choice to love me everyday.
26. She understands the importance of allowing me to lead our relationship even though I make constant mistakes.
27. She is my best friend, my wife, and my family.

These are only twenty-seven of the unnumbered list of character traits explaining why I love my wife. And the list keeps growing every day. I love you, Mrs. Armstrong. I hope you had a wonderful birthday despite my frustrations which almost caused the death of us and in turn a drowning of sorrows in a Twix ice cream bar. But we found $6.00!!

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