Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Baby Tomato was lagging behind Mama Tomato one day as they were out for a stroll. After chiding him profusely for his slow progression, Mama Tomato went back to Baby Tomato and squashed him. She then said “Ketchup.”

And thus my Heinz 57 Variety of things comes today as a result of a diminished capacity or ability to retain an attention span long enough to satisfy a gnat.

Jan 4 – I had the privilege of being in one of he sweetest times of worship and prayer as I was presented to our church family to be set apart and ordained as a Deacon for our local body. We had a time to “lay hands” and as each hand descended upon me I felt many things one of which was the literal weight of men pressing down on me. More spiritually, however, was the weight of the responsibility that the Lord was leading me into. I really have a grand opportunity to screw up royally and my dependence upon the grace of our Lord must increase day by day. In contrast, I also felt the lifting up of men who have gone before me, some who know me intimately and some who do not, all who by their own willful admission are not perfect, but are “perfected for all time” (Heb 10:14 ESV) by the sovereign choice of our Lord. To be encouraged and admonished in such a way was an unforgettable experience of grace. I will treasure it always.

Jan 10 – School began again for the next semester and my first class has just come to a close as I record these lines; new format, different style of work loads, and thus far, much more enjoyable. Much writing has been accomplished in the areas of the Doctrines of Humanity, Sin, and Salvation. I plan to post my doctrinal statement for these in a few days. Pentateuch begins next week (Feb 7) and will continue for the following four weeks. I am excited about this next opportunity as I must confess that my knowledge of the first five books is lacking.

Jan 29 – My first official sermon delivered to a crowd of single adults during a Sunday evening worship service. I have taught Sunday school lessons, spoken in prisons, homeless shelters, and given testimony, devotional, or brief “sermonettes” (typically a soap box) on varying occasions, but this was the first officially sanctioned, wireless microphone, recorded, “guest speaker” kind of engagement. There are always the encouragers of the crowd who say “You did a great job” or “I really enjoyed” to which my response is always “Well, what are you gong to do about it?” The subjective measure of “success” will never come in this lifetime and my hope is that I will never become consumed with this desire for the praises of men. I believe that I can honestly attest that I was in submission to the Biblical text (Col 3:12-17, titled The Lion, The Diciple, and His Wardrobe), that I was “diligent to show [myself] approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15 NASB), and that the supremacy and preeminence of Christ was manifested above all things. And for these, I trust that the Lord was glorified. I haven’t been fired yet, so I trust I did not say anything heretical. For my own amusement, the notes to this sermon may find themselves posted as well at a later date.


Soli Deo Gloria


It was the Java said...

I only heard your intro on Sunday night for having to head off to work. I know it wasn't you speaking, however, your intro was very effective! May God continue to use your mouth to spread the Truth in all the venues you mentioned. So was Brian your first male Christian friend? ~D

KC Armstrong said...

Thank you for the encourgament, D to the E. Pray that I will continue to be faithful and live worthy of my calling. It was "a" Brian, but Massey, not Hinton.