Monday, April 02, 2007


A great new tool has just been released by Google! This will phenomenally revolutionize the current internet world to bring high speed access to millions of users in North America. Sadly, it is only available to those of us in the northern side of the western hemisphere, but Google is in cooperation with utility services around the globe in an effort to make the world truly flat again by 2010. Don’t flush this opportunity to get fast free web in your home!

Internet service can be costly when it is coupled with the equipment one must purchase, the upgrade to the phone or cable lines within the home, and not to mention the need to have a computer that is able to process 300 trillion gigabytes per nanosecond because the generation who has never lived in a home without a microwave just can not wait for pages to load. Thanks to Google, the web is now not only accessible to all for free, but unlike other free web providers, they can keep you up to speed. They have opened a watershed, and since this is no pee sized achievement, you’re in for a treat. Komodo Dragons, beware, this is HOT!

Click here for a free tutorial and to receive your free installation kit.

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