Friday, January 18, 2008

Can I Get A Motion?!?!

In The BookStore the other day I was confronted by a 3 foot tall trumpeter of theological truth.

“Can I get a new motion?!?! Can I get a new motion?? I want a new motion!!”

“A motion?” I said to myself. What could this kid possibly be requesting? I am not a parent, but I have come to understand that those who are who have this uncanny ability to decipher the hidden codes of their offspring. Call it a sixth sense, call it parental intuition, call it repetition, call it whatever. I call it weird. I decided I would do the spiritual thing and hide myself in my office from this booger as he whined his way through the store.

“Can I get a motion?!? I need a new motion?!?” He exclaimed again.

His handler eventually came to the young lad’s aid. “What do you mean, ‘a motion’” she asked. See, I’m not the only one who can’t understand child-speak.

“A motion,” he said, “one of these” as he pointed to the little 2-5 year old collections of devotions.

“Ohhh, a devotion” his elder retorted, sounding a bit relieved. I was too.

“Yeah, a motion.”

And then it hit me. This little herald had it, while I had it not. See, our devotions should always create a motion. Yes, we are called to diligently study the word of truth and to accurately divide it so that we may know what is good and pleasing and acceptable to the Lord. But if all we do is know then we have missed the point all together. I think I remember reading something that went a little like this:

“Be doers of the word” (James 1:22).

That sure sounds like a lot of motion to me. Devotion without motion is a potion for demotion. Or something like that…


ForHisSake said...

Greetings KC,

Wonderfully delightful post! I racked my brain for what seemed a good ten minutes, trying to solve the mystery, before clicking to read the rest of the article. I finally caved and clicked.

To answer your question about the quote on my post, "If given a choice...." those are my words, but I am certain that someone, somewhere has said something similar. Nothing new under the sun. I was pondering the very heart breaking reality that there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of "professing Christians" who are not saved and at the same time I was reading the dead guys regardng the blessing of assurance. It made me realize that the worst possible state a person can be in is to go through life with a false assurance.

Don't get me wrong, I know how important it is to understand our 100% security in Chris-- if we are indeed in Christ.

I am new to the blogoshpere and wondered how you found my blog?

In addition, I can't watch video or play audio files very successfully, I'm on "dial-up" and have an old and pretty pathetic computer. But, I am very aware of Paul Washer. I am excited and encouraged to see how God will use this young man! He is one, of several, that is an answer to a prayer I've prayed for 10 years.

I'll check in often - Very amusing musing.

For His Sake,
D.L. Kane

KC Armstrong said...


Thanks for stopping by! My wife asserts that all of my friends are dead…and she is practically right! There is much to profit and much wisdom to gain from reading the men and women of old. Their thinking is biblical, their logic is sharp, and their message is Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and man-humbling. There is something to be said about books that are 300+ years old that are still being published. Will we say the same about Your Best Life Now? I highly doubt it…

Sorry that you are unable to watch the video of Paul Washer. Hopefully a higher speed connection will come your way soon.

I heard about your blog through a “Google Alert” that I have set to e-mail me anytime someone posts abut the Banner of Truth. In some article that you wrote, Banner was identified so I received the hit. You should visit my friend Steve Burlew when you have a chance. He runs the North American operations for the Banner and will keep you up to date on forthcoming titles.

Press On,