Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Operation World

Appearing today on Operation World’s Prayer Guide for the nations (the past few days have been focusing on the US):

“a) Christian literature. In the 1980s there were massive increases in sales of Christian literature through the 5,000 Christian bookstores and through secular outlets (16% of all books sold are religious), but the subject matter was more often for the ‘fad’ market. Pray for a more discerning and book-loving Christian public.”

Oh Lord, that You might protect us from spending our resources foolishly and that those of us who make decisions on what to put before Your church, that we would be mindful of Your glory and your name in all things. Amen.

Pray also for the man who is known around my house as "My Friend Steve." As he holds the banner high at Banner of Truth, ask for the Lord's wisdom to be given to him, Sinclair Ferguson, Iain Murray and the other trustees. See Steve's blog here.

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