Saturday, February 24, 2007

Smith and Spears: The Sagas Soar

So, the news is riddled with the debacles of Anna Nicole Smith and 90% of the males in the western hemisphere vying for a potential spot at her money…uh…I mean…her baby…whatever. In light of the fact that this story has dominated all major news services over the passing weeks, I wonder if Super Bowl advertisers are questioning the decision to pony up $1 million for a 30 second spot during the big game when it appears as though the same blurb on any of the news networks might have been a bit more profitable.

Nonetheless, in light of the phenomenon of news coverage that this has spurred, here is a statement I do not think that I would have ever made before: Thank God for Brittney Spears. While moms and dads (or at least potential candidacy for fatherhood) are squabbling over the body of the deceased and the rights to the fruits of her wealth…uh…I mean…fruits of her womb, on comes Ms. Spears to deflect the media’s attention to sport her new do, but it probably should be more affectionately as her hair don’t.

And in case you haven’t heard, this recent development in the saga of Spears’ life has sent shockwaves around the globe. So moved by her display of self-deprecation, men in Manilla, Phillippines began a riot in support of her decision as well.

(For the real story, although not as interesting, click here and go to #3.)

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