Monday, December 05, 2005

Islands of my Eye Lens

"Father in a world filled with heartache and sorrow;
I have found Your love feeds my soul.
"Father when I'm feeling I just can't face tomorrow;
I have found Your love feeds my soul.
"I have found Your love feeds my soul. I have found Your love feeds my soul.
It's better than life so I'll glorify You - Spirit within me cry out Your name.
I have found Your love feeds my soul."

I read an article in Newsweek Magazine in 1997 and for whatever reason the following quote has failed to escape me: "I am surrounded by a sea of despair. There may be islands of "okayness," but just because there are patches of land does not diminish the existence of the water." I have no idea who wrote this, what the article's title was, or for that matter, the article's content (or else I would give credit). However, these lines have remained etched into the congeries of my rememberance. Why has this been chiseled into my being even now, more than eight years later? I understand why it had such an impact at the time, but now? One not-so-far-fetched notion may be that the idea behind the statement is true. There will always be water. There will always be land (unless of course you subscibe to the Global Warming theory believing that we are all about to have the proverbial swimming pool in the back yard that we have always wanted). However, for arguments sake, lets keep it simple. Thus, the truth is that there are ups and downs, valleys and mountains, islands and oceans. Will I learn from the times that are not what I want them to be? Will I remember what I learned when things are as I think they should be? Will I remember that despite the circumstances and whatever encompasses me that "I have found [Christ's] love feeds [my] soul?"

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